Testo Vital Reviews: Latest Scam or Newest Discovery?

Testo Vital Review: Latest Scam or Newest Discovery?

I have everything going for me at the age of 34 I run my own business, I am an attractive man, work out regularly, and have paid off my apartment near the  beach. What I need help with though is my performance in the sack and from what the official website claims Testo Vital can help. Yes, it seems like a long shot as I have tried numerous supplements in the past without any luck whatsoever but I am confident that one day I will find something that will help me improve my performance under the covers, give me more endurance and longer erections. Regardless how successful I am in life I feel that my lack of confidence in the bedroom is hurting me and my chance of finally starting a stable relationship. Slowly this lack of performance in the bedroom has taken over my confidence in my business life and overall personal relationships with people and I feel that if I do not fix it my life in general will suffer.

It was a while back that I decided to write reviews of the products I try because it seems there are far more scams out there than any real supplements that have any sort of effect. On a daily basis new products are revealed and marketed yet to this day I have yet to find one that really works regardless of the benefits they claim and how they boast their effectiveness.

About Testo Vital

When I first saw the product I was almost immediately turned off as I actually have no problem with size and it wasn’t what I was looking for. It wasn’t until I started reading into it that I realized that it had nothing to do with size but rather performance and overall boost of libido, something that I needed. The official website goes on to boast how with this supplement you will experience more intensified sex and fell stronger which will help you achieve better orgasms. What attracted me most were their claims that you will experience longer lasting erections and increased intensity, exactly what I was looking for.

I didn’t realize that so many men were experiencing problems with their libido, stamina, and are suffering from erectile dysfunction problems such as pre-ejaculation. They even have a list of symptoms which you can look for to determine whether a supplement would be suitable.

Common symptoms which Testo Vital can help with:

Inability to give sex partner full satisfaction during intercourse

Lack of libido and reduced stamina in bed

Unsatisfactory performance during intercourse

Pre-ejaculation or short lasting erections

Just a quick glance at the symptoms and I know well enough that I need something to help me. The problem though, is that there are hundreds of other websites claiming these same symptoms and in turn the benefits and possibilities of their supplement without really delivering. They market in such a way that you end up hanging on every word and thinking that this really could be the answer, yet in the end you are more than disappointed with the results and short a lot of money.

The official website claims that the formula is developed to help improve the way you have sex allowing you to rediscover yourself completely at your natural peak. They claim that you will be able to improve your sex life naturally through their natural blend of ingredients without any additives, drugs, or chemicals.

Website Claimed Benefits of Taking Testo Vital

Of course, aside from claiming the benefits and how fantastic their product is the official website doesn’t provide us with much other information. They repeat themselves over and over again with different wording expecting you will fall for it.


Become More Desirable: your confidence in your performance will increase and will thus help you attract a partner. The more confidence you have the more attractive you will be. This is all great, but I have confidence, I just need everything to work properly.

Longer Erections: here they caught my attention as this is my key problem and the root of all my issues. They claim that with this supplement I will have longer erections and will be able to control my ejaculations with the boost of testosterone and stamina.

More Active Sex Life: I will get a kick start to my sex life and my body will be able to perform whenever I need it to. This also sounds like a very vague benefit.

Testo Vital Male Supplement Formula

So, of course their claims of the supplement being 100% natural is perfectly understandable, supplements have to be 100% natural. In the supplement there are only well known and researched aphrodisiacs like Polypodium Vulgare and Tongkat Ali, which regardless of their claims are far from well-researched and quite honestly are not 100% confirmed to be effective or safe. I have researched these ingredients and the rest very carefully in the past and again now as I am doing this review as they are commonly found in supplements such as these. Supplements I have tried in the past but have been ineffective. Though they are not deemed unsafe there is still little research as to long-term use of these ingredients and how they can affect you.

They claim that the special formula of ingredients and dosage is developed to boost sexual abilities naturally. They help boost testosterone as well as natural energy. What really bothered me is that even though they did provide a list of ingredients it was far from impressive regarding the ingredients not to mention that they do not provide any actual information about each ingredient or how it works. Rather, they just put a list of them with images of what the ingredient looks like and that’s it. A supplement facts sheet would have been far more helpful in this case as at least I would have been able to see the dosage and determine if it is even worth continuing my research.

Ingredients list

L-Arginine – I have seen this ingredient time and again in just about every male enhancement supplement, both for the bedroom and the gym. Though deemed safe, it still has rather unconfirmed results. It has shown signs to be effective but in such small percentages that I am not sure it is even worth it.

Panax Ginseng – used commonly in supplements to prevent premature ejaculation but still has insufficient evidence for its effectiveness

Polypodium – advertised and used for male enhancement and erectile support but actually there is no actual research to confirm this and there is insufficient evidence for it being effective for anything, at all

Saw Palmetto – though advertised for a healthy prostate it also has insufficient evidence confirming this

Lepidium Meyenii – this is actually one of the only effective ingredients and it is for boosting desire in men and improving libido

Mucuna Gigantea – this ingredient does not have sufficient evidence in actually being beneficial in anything or any of the benefits listed

Epimedium – though regularly advertised for erectile dysfunction and ejaculation problems there is insufficient evidence for its effectiveness

Tongkat Ali – the only thing it is considered effective for is improving the concentration and quality of sperm in men, all other possible benefits have not been confirmed as there is very little research on it.

So, basically, there are what, two possibly effective ingredients and none of which are confirmed to help with premature ejaculation or erectile dysfunction, this leaves me with absolutely no answers and no reason to actually buy this product. But I will continue to see where it goes.

What they claim is that it is super easy to take this product. Just take 1 capsule in the morning and 1 at night all the while keeping up with your regular diet and exercise. It will start working almost immediately and so they recommend you get to work straight away under the sheets so you don’t waste the pill, right.

Terms and Conditions and Where to Buy

So, of course, this is by far the most important point when it comes to buying any product online. Today there are so many scams that it has become an epidemic of free trials and people stuck with products they don’t want or need but continue to pay for them. It is actually when I came to this part of the official website that I realized that I will NOT be ordering a bottle to complete my review.

So, what the website claims in between all of the repeated benefits is that this product is offered with a Free Trial. Sounds great right! Almost too good to be true. This is because it is too good to be true. Once you fill out your information you are taken to the purchase page where you are given a discounted price of $4.95 for shipping and handling and you get a 30 day supply of Testo Vital. They fail to openly notify you of their terms though. Yes, you do get a 30 day supply of the product but you do not actually have a 30 day free trial. The trial is only for 12 days from the day you order, not nearly enough to actually test it. Then, if you do not call and cancel by the end of your 12 day trial period you are charged the full price of $119.97, this is all listed in very very small font at the bottom of the page. What’s better is that if you read the Terms and Conditions actually it clearly states that it is actually $139.97 not $119.97 and technically you are agreeing to the Terms and Conditions when you order. To top it all off you are automatically signed up for their auto-ship program where you get a brand new shipment of the product every month and in turn charged $139.97 plus $9.97 shipping and handling. They even claim that it’s for your convenience and a special membership discounted price.

Why Testo Vital?

As I mentioned above today there are so many scams that I am worried that at this point I think it’s near impossible to actually find a genuine product that is not only good quality but worth the money and not a scam. To me there were several red flags that popped up almost immediately when I opened the official website.

Identical Website – I have found that over the past couple of months the products I have researched and those that have turned up to be scams usually all look identical. It actually feels as if they just change the product image and billing information (sometimes you can even catch mistakes where they missed changing a name or a product price) and use exactly the same websites. Not only do they look the same but they actually use the same content including images and customer reviews. With this product it felt as if I have seen this website hundreds of times already.

Lack of Information – The good thing is that they did have the ingredients listed but in such a general way and without any additional information that I feel that it was almost pointless. I found no additional information about the product and how it works. Just a lot of marketing and promotion without any real information.

Free Trial Scam – This is one of the most popular online scams these days. I have yet to find a company that offers such a deal without in the end the customers regretting ever signing up. They claim that it’s for your convenience and so you get lower prices but in fact the prices are crazy high and you are stuck paying for a product you don’t want. The fact that they don’t openly reveal their Terms but rather take advantage of the fact that no one actually reads them or the small font at the bottom of the page. Many people have gone months before checking their account only to find out they are in the hole hundreds of dollars.

Bad Customer Reviews – Among the plethora of fake positive reviews that look more like promotions rather than real experience reviews I found quite a few real reviews and they were all negative. Most of them complained of their “Trial” offer while others of the fact that the supplement is not effective.

In Conclusion…

In the end I did not order this product for obvious reasons. Actually, I think that some of the ingredients could actually be effective and it may have some positive result. Unfortunately the marketing scam exercised by the official Testo Vital website has completely put me off.

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